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"Say, will you stay with me? Forever?" A very young and childish voice echoed into the emptiness. Even though everything was surrounded by the darkness, even though they were blind in this nothingness it didn't affect them. The two stared at each other with a passion they couldn't even see. The smaller seemed to be the one that had said theses words; he was young, fragile and so very much like a child. Hands behinds his back, nervous swinging his body gently, awaiting for an answer. Of course, he probably feared a rejection, but an answer would be better than to be left alone in this emptiness. The other one, the taller, seemed like an adult. Everything in his posture told maturity, experience and darkness. A lone wolf who had closed his heart to everything and everyone long ago. He tensed, hearing theses words, not knowing how to answer, but he would not run, as much as he wanted too. He trusted that child, that precious child and he knew that they felt the same way about that.

The silence surrounded them, much more oppressing than the darkness. Like the water, it was heavy, scary even, but under all that was peace and comfort. The taller needed that time, he needed to express things right, even if only for once in his life. The man couldn't bring himself to speak, searching the right things to say, trying to stay and not to run away again. And for once, the smaller boy was calm, patient, waiting for an answer without pressing the other. The taller couldn't face it anymore, watching away, trying to slow his heartbeat. For once, he was thankful of this darkness... even if it was clearly visible to see he was embarrassed by all this, the blood rushing to his face would stay unseen. Looking away, the taller could remember, remember why he should be saying no. These memories haunting him, hunting him even! It was hard and painful, yet it was such bliss to hear and to feel... The taller man could hear a voice so similar to his own, laughing. That, that made him look the younger face once again. A smile so bright that the shadow became silent again. He sighed, relieved knowing that the boy wasn't pressuring him, that he could chase the nightmare behind him.

Finally getting a grip on himself, the taller of the two found his voice back. All of his fears being erased by that simple smile. A smile that soothed the pain devouring him, killing him slowly. If he was to die one day, at least someone would cry for him... but then, he didn't want him to cry, that smile was suiting the boy so much better than tears. Making sure to be taken seriously, the man looked the boy in the eyes, piercing even the smaller's heart with his glare. Standing firmly, nodding slowly to make sure the gesture was noticed, he answered. "Yes, I will, I swear." Never leaving the younger's eyes; he saw the sun rise in those blue eyes. A pure happiness that could touch anyone, even him... it awoke forgotten feelings, forgotten memories, so much that it soon became painful, but not the pain that make you suffer... A good sort of pain. "Really?" asked the smaller, just for the bliss of hearing it again, to make sure that it wasn't a dream, standing on his toes, obviously wanting to hear him, not just to see him nod or anything. The taller was first annoyed by this... it already was embarrassing to say it once, repeating it was a bit frustrating, but the boy needed it... He took the younger's hand and kissed it on an impulse. "Really" he whispered, letting go of the hand and getting closed to the boy's face... then, his eyes widened and he tried to back up, understanding what he had just done. He couldn't keep that promise, he knew it and yet... he tried to get away, to erase this, but two firms, delicates and soft hands caught his face, stopping him just before he could get away. Not moving another inch, the taller watched the boy reduce the distance until their lips were pressed together in the gentlest kiss they ever knew. It was sweet like honey and even more, the sweetest of all the poison known on this earth. Love. Soon he became numb and the kiss stopped. "I'm glad, I'm so glad" said the distant voice of the boy, echoing in the emptiness. The taller had the distant felling of arms around his neck, cold like metal, heavy like a chain. As he joined the younger into this embrace, he felt heavier, arms, legs, everything. It was becoming so cold... but he was happy. "Don't ever go away, don't ever leave me. I'll do the same. Because I lo – " started the boy, but the man could hardly hear him.

Even engulfed in darkness, even if they couldn't see their surrounding, the man realised they were on a stage all that time, watched by a ghostly crowd, judging them. They weren't exactly alone, but no one was there... only a presence, oppressing him, crushing him... It couldn't be the younger, but what could it be exactly? Before he could think more about it, the ground started to shake. Something was wrong. The taller tightened his grip on the smaller, he would not let him go... he had to protect him. For a moment, he closed his eyes.

And then, the nightmare began.

As he opened his eyes, he saw that the ground was shattering into tiny little pieces, making the young boy fall. The boy was scared, he could see it and all too soon, he was only grabbing his hand. Why wasn't he able to keep a hold on him? Why was the skin sliding so easily? Only the finger were touching and then, nothing. "---!!!!!" Trying to jump in the hole after him, the taller realise that he couldn't, his body completely chained by cold, heavy, metal chains. "---!!!" With horror, he could only watch his precious boy disappear in the shadows of this endless pit. Someone, the same voice as before, started to laugh. "SHUT UP!" Screamed the man "SHUT UP!!! GIVE ME BACK ---!!!" Anger possessed him as he fought against those chains. Each time, they were heavier and he grew weaker.

"This is punishment. Your sins will be judged today" a voice said, echoing in the darkness. This was a tribunal, he knew it. This day had come.
"It all ends today" added the voice calmly, in a cold, matter of fact, tone.
He was going to die, right after he'd know happiness. He never was allowed to be happy was he? No, only anger, hatred and despair. He always knew that he couldn't hold to that promise. His greatest sin was the lie he told the young man. The next one would be the fact that when he would be dead, the boy would be left broken hearted.
"That boy is your true punishment" said the voice that had laughed earlier.
How was he? How was the boy? He knew he was alive; they would never let him die. The man knew too well that he was the only one they really wanted dead.
"No one likes you, not even that brat, he's just confused."
Wait, the laughing voice, wasn't it... his own voice?
"You never were worth any affection"
Yes... it WAS his voice.... but, he hadn't realised he was talking...
"You deserve this"
Yes, it was him, talking and laughing.

"SHUT UP" said the voice of the judge.
And then, there was the pain. The cold, terrible pain. The ground shattered behind him just like his own skin. It was so painful it was blinding him. And the shock when he hit the ground made him scream. He was dying, and his executioners weren't merciful beings. They were cruel, cold and bloodthirsty. He hurt so much he would have cried if wasn't in so much pain. "m...sorry" he whispered to no one. Listening to the silence, he soon heard footsteps. Someone was running not so far away. Was it him? It was getting closer. He hoped it was someone else. That person fell to the ground. He didn't want him to see. Trying to keep his eyes open, he saw the boy's face. No... " ---!" called the boy... Why was the boy looking so in pain? Why was he crying? "No! D-don't die!" Right... he was dying, was it why? "Y-you promised me! We're supposed to stay together!" Oh, right... that promise... Was it why? Was it because of what the boy had tried to tell him? Something about lo....something.

The men offered a weak, apologetic smile before opening his mouth but he started to cough more blood... like he wasn't losing enough already. He had to say it though... somehow. Slowly, wincing in pain, the men raised his arm, trembling at the amount of effort he was putting, and reached the boy cheek. Then slowly, he wiped the tears away trying to calm him, but the boy would continue to cry. He was now crying so much that wiping the tears was no use anymore. "Please. You can't die." The men looked at the childish person in front of him and just slowly closed his eyes, taking a deep, difficult, breath. When he reopened his eyes, he tried to pass all the love he had for the boy in his gaze, but soon the gaze lost his focus. He had to tell... His arms fell beside him. He didn't have much time left.

"I l... I lied"

And his life left him, just like that on those finals words. He couldn't tell him in the end.
"N-no... No. NO!" The boy cried, slamming his fists on the ground, lowering his head, hiding it from the darkness.

"How could you!"
So here it is!!! The Help me smile project!!! (But since you never heard of it, you can't be as happy as I am ahahaha) I'm really happy to finally work more seriously on this. I must admit, :iconsaenda: gave me a lot of motivation to work on it!!! Thanks Saen-chan!!!

So, littles things to know. Betheel is pronouced Be-the-hel
And not Beth-eel like the slimy snaky thing.
This story is written in Betheel's point of view and saenda write the story in Raphael's point of view, the title is Smile for me^^

So Smile for me this way ---> [link]
Help me smile chapter one ---> coming soon(and real soon I hope)

Betheel(c) me
Raphael(c) :iconsaenda:
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xAli-xX Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it ! :D
redrose-melody Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
xXBloodRunsRedXx Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010
Wow. That was epic. ;D. I enjoyed both stories an reall look forward to the next one :]. I know it's not really important but I found and error "the men raised his arm"
Man...Yeah, anyways. Amazing. Keep it up.^^~
redrose-melody Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
Thanks. The draft of Chap One is done, but cleaning it all up and adding description make it 3 times longer XD Take so much time XD
Risa-Moon Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
MORE!!! I WANT MORE!!! Please, you'll make a random girl on the internet very happy if you do.
redrose-melody Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
I'm doing my best, I finished my draft of the first chapter (10 page.... gaaahhh) I still have to rework it, but right now, Saen-chan is reading it. Then I'll complete it, send it back to her and we'll send it to our beta.

After that I'll have to do chapter two (I'm the one who have to write this one first, so that's why Saenda can't post a chapter two)
Risa-Moon Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Just as long it gets done, I'm good. Its okay, I'm patient... sometimes XD
redrose-melody Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
XD I'll do my best to work faster... aahh organisation never was my forte
Risa-Moon Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Oh hon, I feel ya, i really do. Yet some how i manage to be organized in my un-organization. Does that make any sense?
redrose-melody Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
yup it does XD
That kind of unorganized organisation only happen for where I put my things though
Risa-Moon Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010
Ah yes, mental organization is a completely different thing....
redrose-melody Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
yup, and in my case... let's say my hand are blue from the ink...
(Aka, I gotta write things on my hands to remember)
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Ryu-ichi Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I really enjoyed reading this! I like how you can get both points of view between you and :iconsaenda: !
I can't wait for more. You have really set an interesting scene here and you have my attention. :)
redrose-melody Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
I'm still working on chapter one, but the biggest part of the job is done ^^
Ryu-ichi Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome! :3
And that's great! Keep up the good work. I totally know how it can take awhile to get the first chapter done. I'm the same way with things I write. :)
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